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About the Exhibition

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Using our Art to empower the viewer to think, to hope, and to take action—to make this a better, happier world for every living thing.

Is today's humanity good or bad, or are we now indifferent, sedated by the trappings of this world?

There is a persistent call for using the power of Art to be a catalyst for social change.

Humanity, the exhibition was created to share 5 artists concerns, hopes, and love for human kind and the planet. With over 30 pieces of artwork, using a diverse set of mediums—from wood to plaster, canvas to paper, photography and video installations, the intention is to bring awareness to viewers on topics of modern media, traditions, love, the environment and other topics that impact daily life.

Inspired by humanity itself, one of the focal video installations, is a collection of public opinion from around the world. Where we can see, in one unifying voice, that as people of this earth, we are in fact similar in our thoughts about what humanity is today. 

See one of our video installation Instagram @HumanitytheExhibition

Our Artists
Helen Needham
Helen Needham

Degree in Interior Design with additional studies in Fine Arts
Fine Art professor at Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg Goldern. Working with glass, wood, along with eclectic art fusion in welded metals, fibers and found objects.

Art Studio in Brienz, Switzerland. 

Nadine Anderson Cheng

Masters degree in Environmental/Graphic Communications Design, Advertising and Marketing, with training in sculpture, jewelry, fine art, textiles/fashion. Asst. Casting director for tv series. Recent, KROMA Gallery 2-man show and Art Basel Underground, Miami. Exhibitions in the Caribbean, USA - New York, Florida, Chicago as well as print reproductions sold worldwide.

Gilles Hurtaud

Autodidact painter, Gilles studied Economy at University Paris 8 in France. The main techniques used in his artworks are oil painting and Newspapers on Canvas. Gilles use words and colors to explore his subjects such as Geopolitics, philosophy, religion, spirituality, discrimination and sex. Recent exhibitions Art Basel Connect, Miami.

Love Weber

Love Weber is a professional photographer who specializes in portraits in which he adds personality by involving the sitters and his life story on an equal level. This lively way of portraying brings out the utmost of the sitters character. Curiosity and fascination for people and their lives motivates Love Weber to go deeper into his project. 
Love Weber was born in Paris and concluded his photographic education in London. At present he is based in Switzerland.

Allison Kotzig

An international installation, mixed-media and video artist. Masters Degree in Medieval History, BA in Neuropsychology. Recently installations include Ghost Orchid installation at Old School Square Cornell Art Museum, Delray Beach, Florida and Nymph installed and exhibited at Guy and Michèle Beddington’s sculpture garden Mas du Murier in Bargemon, France. 

Exhibition program:

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About our Iconography:

An artist like ourselves Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man is aptly also called the 'Proportions of Man',—the examination of which 'Humanity' has embarked on. The red lamp is synonymous with a thinking cap-a jolt, while the electrical cord plugs us into the world of thought...but it is wrapped around various limbs, symbolizing the complexity of understanding human life.

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